Kenneth G Rare Coins – Coin Appraisals

Coin collectors go to great lengths to evaluate their collections. But coin values are not invulnerable to price fluctuations, and there are variables to consider when placing a dollar value on collections.

Kenneth G Rare Coins
Kenneth G Rare Coins

Coin experts say that a little knowledge can go a long way, especially for the novice coin collector. The first thing that honest coin dealers often point out is that there are unscrupulous dealers out there who are more than willing to take advantage of the inexperience of the novice. They can make a lot of money in the process by buying valuable coins or coin collections from sellers who don’t know the real market value of what they’ve got.

But for every unscrupulous dealer, there are many more honest dealers and collectors who do their best to share their knowledge and educate beginners. These reputable dealers would never dream of taking advantage of a seller just because the seller doesn’t have the knowledge that they do. One of the first things they tell newbies is: don’t clean the coins in your collection. It might be tempting to do so, but making your old coins all nice and shiny can actually have the effect of diminishing their value. The coin that might seem “dirty” to someone who doesn’t know better is actually what most dealers want: what they call an original surface on the coin. In the simplest terms, old coins should look their age.

Kenneth G Rare Coins in Mishawaka, Indiana has been in business for more than eight years. They are committed to giving each customer a fair and honest assessment of their coins, jewelry and precious metals, as well as a competitive price.