Kenneth G, Rare Coins and the Elkhart Club

Kenneth G has long been a supporter of community endeavors in Indiana and is a longstanding member of the Elkhart Coin Club, but also respects the work of the Rotary Club that bears the same name. He is particularly interested in the service that they offer to the local community, which stretches beyond rare coins and into other social causes.

The Elkhart Club has a long-standing tradition that stretches back to 1917, when the first provisional meeting of the club was held at Hotel Buckles. In that first meeting, President of Sideway Mercantile Co. Peter C. Kendall was elected president of the group and they quickly started work on a range of projects.

Kenneth G Rare Coins
Kenneth G Rare Coins

They started small by buying seeds and hiring local men to tend the gardens, but soon began to wield influence on other projects. For example, they were a key part of determining the most acceptable westerly route for the Lincoln Highway, with a presentation given by the club influencing the construction of Route 33.

The club has produced four district governors since those humble beginnings and continues to work on various projects with the aim of improving the community. They established a Boy Scout program in 1919 after agreeing to pay the Scout Master’s salary, with members eventually building a mess hall at Camp Eagle for the Scouts.

Kenneth G Rare Coins is often humbled by the group’s efforts to improve Indianapolis and though his knowledge of rare coins is not often called upon by the group, his giving nature and sense of community spirit makes him a trusted member.