How Kenneth G Retains Rare Coins Customers

Attracting customers to your rare coins store is one thing, but keeping them as regulars ensures you have a steady flow of business that you can always rely on. Kenneth G focuses on keeping customers happy and loyal in the following ways.

Kenneth G Rare Coins


If you are unable to provide your customers with the information they seek when they first visit your store, they are going to look elsewhere to find it. This means that it is important to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your industry, as this will encourage people to seek out your opinion.

Customer Service

Anybody who walks into your shop wants to feel like their custom is valued. Failing to engage them properly may lead to them leaving in short order, so it is important to offer stellar customer service. Always work to serve your customer’s needs and ensure your staff are well-trained so that they can provide all the help the customer is looking for.

The Competition

You should always be aware of the level of service your competitors offer and attempt to exceed it in every respect. Customers often stay loyal to companies until a better deal comes along, so do the research and make sure that you always offer the best, so you don’t give people a reason to look elsewhere.

Be Fair

The value of rare coins is often changeable, so it is important to be informed about current market conditions so that you can be fair with your customers. Kenneth G Rare Coins maintains customer loyalty by always offer competitive prices, both when buying and selling, so if customers do look into other companies they will find that they are unable to offer a fairer service.


Kenneth G On Spotting A Good Rare Coins Investment

While many people collect coins as a hobby, there is also a section of the market that views rare coins as an investment opportunity. Kenneth G understands this and has a few tips to offer people who are looking to get into the industry and need to understand how to spot a good investment.

Kenneth G Rare Coins

Understand Grades

The grade of your coin is going to play a large part in its eventual value, so you should take the time to understand the system and how various flaws and issues can cause the price of a rare coin to drop. Even a basic understanding will allow you to be more informed when making a purchase, which you can later expand upon by taking the coin to a professional.

Old Often Means Rare

A good rule of thumb is that older coins are usually rare, so if you find a coin from before the 20th century your interest should pique. However, it is still important to do the research to find out a coin’s value, otherwise you may find out that you get overcharged.

Seek New Coins

The pro-active collector will keep an eye on the industry so that they can spot production runs that could result in rare coins. Kenneth G recommends looking out for anything that is intended as a limited edition and trying to get your hands on one of those coins. Preserve it well and you may have a newer coin that is worth quite a bit of money in the future. Even if you’re unable to take advantage of this yourself, it is a handy investment that can be passed down to future generations.

The Importance of Keeping Rare Coins Customers Happy at Kenneth G

Having been in the retail industry since the age of 16, Kenneth Gaipa has always understood the importance of keeping customers happy. This is the philosophy that he follows whenever anybody walks through the doors of Kenneth G Rare Coins with an interest in rare coins and he has highlighted the following as the top reasons to do everything that you can to put a smile on a customer’s face.

Kenneth G Rare CoinsLoyalty

All companies strive to inspire loyalty in their customers and the best way to do that is to offer a service that keeps them happy and makes them want to come back. You should always be polite and fair when speaking to your customers, while backing up your service with a level of industry expertise that the customer will find invaluable during the course of their visit.

Word of Mouth

People will talk about your service, regardless of whether they have had a positive or negative experience. Of course, you don’t want negative word of mouth spreading, as this means that fewer people are willing to give your company a shot. By keeping the customer happy, you ensure that they will always be positive when speaking about your company, which means that other people are more likely to pay you a visit.


People who are looking to sell rare coins come to Kenneth G because the staff there are knowledgeable and can easily communicate important information to the customer, both in-store and out. If you are able to maintain communication with your customers you ensure that they feel more valuable, which means they are more likely to shop with you again.

Kenneth G, Rare Coins and the Elkhart Club

Kenneth G has long been a supporter of community endeavors in Indiana and is a longstanding member of the Elkhart Coin Club, but also respects the work of the Rotary Club that bears the same name. He is particularly interested in the service that they offer to the local community, which stretches beyond rare coins and into other social causes.

The Elkhart Club has a long-standing tradition that stretches back to 1917, when the first provisional meeting of the club was held at Hotel Buckles. In that first meeting, President of Sideway Mercantile Co. Peter C. Kendall was elected president of the group and they quickly started work on a range of projects.

Kenneth G Rare Coins
Kenneth G Rare Coins

They started small by buying seeds and hiring local men to tend the gardens, but soon began to wield influence on other projects. For example, they were a key part of determining the most acceptable westerly route for the Lincoln Highway, with a presentation given by the club influencing the construction of Route 33.

The club has produced four district governors since those humble beginnings and continues to work on various projects with the aim of improving the community. They established a Boy Scout program in 1919 after agreeing to pay the Scout Master’s salary, with members eventually building a mess hall at Camp Eagle for the Scouts.

Kenneth G Rare Coins is often humbled by the group’s efforts to improve Indianapolis and though his knowledge of rare coins is not often called upon by the group, his giving nature and sense of community spirit makes him a trusted member.

Three Things All Successful Retailers Do

Running a retail store can be difficult, especially if the store is independently owned and is not a chain. However, owning an independent store has many benefits because of the amount of freedom that an owner has with an independent store. The success of an independent store relies on a number of things. Here are three things that all successful retailers do.

Kenneth G Rare Coins
Kenneth G Rare Coins

Appointing a second in command of the store is something that all successful retail owners do. Delegating is important because the owner cannot do everything themselves. It is imperative that before choosing a second in command, that person is completed vetted. This means going through job history, interviewing candidates, and following up on references. The second in command should have some management and customer service experience.

  • Retailers always expect there to be some theft in their stores. The prices seen in stores reflect the expectation of losing inventory. Most retailers and business owners maintain a camera system where they can view the activities at the store. Having a POS (point-of-service) system running through a PC is advisable as well because it keeps real-time inventory.
  • Lastly, successful retailers draw and keep customers. Successful retailers are able to do this by having regular sales on certain items, developing benefits programs or membership options for clients, and by getting to their clients. If customers know the store owners and employees, they will develop loyalty and feel more inclined to come back.

Kenneth G. Rare Coins has been in business since 2007. They purchase and sell jewelry, coins and currency, and precious metals. Kenneth G. himself has been in the retail business for over 25 years.

Three Marketing Tips for Selling Jewelry

Marketing a business is one of the many important aspects of running a successful company. Businesses need to market their products so that potential customers are aware of their existence. This is no different for jewelry stores, regardless of the fact if they are high-end or second-hand stores. Here are three tips for marketing jewelry and jewelry businesses.

Kenneth G Rare Coins
Kenneth G Rare Coins
  • Jewelry businesses best market themselves by presenting themselves in the correct manner. This means that a store or company needs to have a team of staff that treats their customers with respect and honesty. Marketing starts with face-to-face communication. The best kind of marketing is the free kind, and if you treat your customers well, they will tell their friends and your customer base will grow.
  • Because the best kind of marketing is the free kind, jewelry businesses need to take advantage of social media. Running a strategic Facebook campaign can inform a larger audience and is an opportunity for jewelry sellers to advertise holiday sales, events, and other special offers. It also a great way to stay in touch with customers.
  • Jewelry sellers should reach out to sale event websites and have them promote their products. This is a great way to reach out to a new audience base that may not have been aware of the company’s existence. Jewelers will have to offer a discount when using these sites, but sales numbers will increase.

Kenneth G Rare Coins is a buyer and seller of jewelry, precious metals, and coins. They have two locations in Mishawaka, Indiana.

Three Tips for Beginner Coin Collectors

Starting a collection is sometimes the most difficult aspect of collecting items for beginner collectors. Many experienced coin collectors, however, sometimes find that they once they have begun collecting and amassing their collection, expanding it is difficult. Beginners need to start out by gathering a base collection of coins, establishing their interests, look at their patterns and develop goals. Here are a few tips for beginner coin collectors who are now ready to expand their collection.

Kenneth G Rare Coins
Kenneth G Rare Coins
  • Coin collectors need to earn the trust of dealers and sellers. There are many dealers out there who are legitimate and are only interested in completing transactions that are genuine. Unfortunately, there are a small percentage of dealers who do not operate in the same mode. Coin collectors need to earn the trust of seasoned dealers so that they are getting legitimate coins and making fair transactions.
  • Coin collectors should work with coin dealers and dealing companies who have a large inventory. The most reputable coin dealing with the largest inventory is Littleton. They have buying power, excellent grading skills, to stock with their inventory within demand coins and rare or one-of-a-kind coins. Dealing with these types of companies is recommended because coin collectors know what to expect from these companies.
  • Coin collectors need to protect their purchases by including a full money back guarantee clause. This is a standard clause being offered in the market and coin collectors should expect a 30-day guarantee at the minimum. If a company or dealer is refusing to include this guarantee, steer clear of them.

Kenneth G Rare Coins buys and sells coins and currency, precious metals, and jewelry. They are experts in dealing with coin collections.